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Branding Your Products

With extensive expertise in Creative design for consumer packaging, we offer you to make your products stand out visually!

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This year we’ve designed more packaging items than ever before!

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Niche Packaging

We offer custom-tailored and practically-proven solutions for FMCG; pharmaceutical and other consumer retail products!


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Beverages Packaging

When it comes to designing, branding and manufacturing packaging for edibles or beverages!

Branded Packaging

Create a unique packaging design and retail/merchandising system for your brand! We work across all sectors of consumer branding…

Custom Boxes

Custom box is a single or multiple issue of packaging items, manufactured (and designed, optionally) specifically for each individual client.

Co-packing Services

Co-packing services is a range of additional side-services, offered on par with our main services of boxing and packaging manufacturing.

Packaging Design

Speaking from our experience, packaging design can make the difference between a best-seller and a flop.

Jumbo Boxes

In professional packaging, a Jumbo box is a reference to an oversized carton made to package large products.

Our History

Being a packaging design & production company, we’re always focused on what would be the best for the brand, whichever that is at the moment.

At Compact our focus is always fixed on customers and a strong commitment to innovation that drive our growth. We take on new challenges every day, gaining valuable insights that help us tackle the next challenge. Our industry experts are as committed to your business as they are to ours. That’s what true customer partnerships are built on.

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